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Our Team

Max Medvedev

Managing Partner, Founder

Max is responsible for the investment strategy of the AddVenture funds and oversees the operational business of the portfolio companies.

Pavel Terentiev

Managing Partner

Pavel has over 10 years of experience in finance and investment banking, was involved in landmark deals in the Russian IT market over his career.

Mikhail Erenburg

Managing Partner

Mikhail has executive experience in digital and IT business and was an early investor in a number of successful startups.

Nikita Hertz


Nikita is responsible for assessing new investment opportunities, delivering insight on market trends and fundraising efforts.

Evgeny Kotov

Portfolio manager

Evgeny is responsible for performance tracking and reporting of the fund as well as portfolio companies.

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AddVenture is an international venture capital fund with a sector–focused strategy. The fund's investment range is $1–10M.

Home & Local Services

Horizontal marketplaces

Half of the global workforce does manual freelance work,
we look for companies that help people market their skills and provide them with more work opportunities:

  • Home & local services marketplace
  • SaaS for workforce management

Vertically integrated services

In some verticals customers look for a trustworthy brand that they can rely on for their home needs. A company that controls the quality and can always find a right person for the job:

  • Cleaning
  • Beauty
  • Storage
  • Laundry & Dry-cleaning
  • Legal


We look for companies that provide subscription-based service that caters to individual’s culture, dietary needs and taste while keeping them full and happy.

  • Personalized food
  • Ready to cook
  • Business Catering
  • Ready to eat
  • B2B Supply marketplaces


Healthcare space is ripe for disruption globally; we look for companies that are helping people receive top quality care in an efficient way at a reasonable price.

  • Medical Insurance Tech
  • Doctor appointment platforms
  • Tele Medicine


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